Where to look for jobs in the industry:

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There are two major places- Offstagejobs.com or indeed.com here you can search for any type of music industry job.

After browsing the jobs… Apply for a position- you have one shot!!! Do the basics (resumé, references, cover letter, etc.) then add the stuff they don’t want or ask for! This can be anything that makes you special or that sets you apart from all other applicants.

After your first interview, follow up with a letter or an email. This can be a simple thank you including something you learned from the interview or something that made you excited about potentially working there.

If you really want to set yourself apart and you haven’t heard anything two weeks after your interview send a promotional powerpoint or video of YOU and your work.

Here are my three keys to success:

Network. Market yourself. Work hard.

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Mission Statement

In my first week of class at South, I realize I am surrounded by people with many different backgrounds and interests. I am finding a bridge between their lives and my own through the music we listen to and the music we create.
People seem comfortable talking about their music tastes. In preparation for my job as a music publicist, I wish to explore the ways I can develop their musical interests while inspiring a deeper involvement in their local music industry.

South University Music Spotlight Mission Statement:
We make it our goal to represent intelligently the interests and achievements of South University’s diverse community of musicians ( and enthusiasts ).
We vow to treat all genre-of-music fans with respect, and all forms of showmanship will be regarded highly; carefully, constructively, we will commit to our comments.
Plagiarism will not be accepted, all sources MUST be linked to and/or obviously referenced.
We will reply promptly to any and all emails.
For the benefit of the community, we reserve the right to publish any email we receive on the blog, as accompanied by comment and reply.

The mission statement may be subject to change at any time. Any changes will be posted and sufficiently advertised.